Mrs. Remington

For the Week of May 14 - May 18



 We're  Doing It The "Wright" Way in 5th Grade!


For the past 14 years the 5th grade students have worked on an engaged learning unit on aviation. During this unit students have studied the history of flight, designed kites, balloons and airplanes, blasted off rockets, researched aviation topics, presented multimedia presentations, worked with experts in flight, and more. It is both interesting and fun and I am looking forward to learning about aviation with you the "Wright Way"!



Reading and Language Arts


Read!  Read!  Read!  This is what you will be doing a lot of in 5th grade.  If you want to get good at something then you have to practice.  Getting good at reading requires you to read (and read a lot).  You will be required to have a book of your choice every day for reading.  You will set goals each quarter about the reading you will do.  At the end of the quarter you and I will meet and discuss the reading you did during the quarter, your strengths and weaknesses, and we will set goals for the next quarter.  Homework in reading each night will be to read your book for 30 minutes and get your reading log signed by your parent.  We will also be reading stories together from our reading text book and novels together in class.


Writing workshop will be an important part of our Language Arts class.   You will learn the steps of the writing process and be using these steps throughout the year.  You will have opportunities to publish your writing and share your pieces with our class. Included in our writing workshop will be weekly "Fix-its" in which we will improve our editing skills.  We will learn new spelling words each week and work on spelling strategies as well as the rules of grammar. 





Math Counts in 5-R!  We will be working very hard this year developing our skills in problem solving and math facts as well as working with decimals, fractions, geometry, probability, measurement and whole numbers.  We will use the Accelerated Math program for our daily math work.  Most of you are familiar with this program from 3rd and 4th grade.  What I like best about this math program, is that it allows each of you to work at a pace that is both comfortable and challenging for you.  I will be challenging you to meet individual and team goals.  You will use your math text book, math folder and handouts as resources to help you on math concepts that are difficult for you.  In order for you to reach your goal in math you will have to work hard both at school and at home.  I know you will do your best to make this a good year for you in math and I promise I will work hard too!

Along with Accelerated Math we will also concentrate on your ability to problem solve and communicate about your problem solving methods.  Problem of the Day will begin many of our math classes.  We will discuss strategies for solving these problems and you will share with your classmates  the success you had solving the problem.  I am looking forward to seeing the creative and different ways each of you solves problems.


Social Studies and Science


We will learn about the history of North America in Social Studies this year.  Our Social Studies book this year will take us on a journey through time as we discover the events and people that formed North America.  From Native Americans, to the Age of Exploration, Revolutionary War to World Wars we will explore all of these topics through reading, discussing, writing, acting, drawing, activities and projects.

In science we will be flying high through aviation.  We will learn about the history of flight.    Our flight unit has become a 5th grade favorite. Other topics of study in science are space, ecosystems and matter.  Get ready to learn about the world around you!




  • A.M. Math Goal - 94% by the end of the week in order to keep the pace for the objective goal for the quarter
  • Math Club - Monday, May 14 and Reading Club, Thursday, May 17 from 3:00 - 4:00
  • Spelling Test- Friday
  • Tuesday, May 15 - Pen Pal Gathering
  • Wednesday, May 16 - Bunny Hop
  • Thursday, May 17 - Chorus Field Trip
  • Lettuce Taco'bout Books - Parents Welcome to come learn about our favorite books this year!
  • Monday, May 21 - 5/6 grade students go to El Toro for lunch
  • Wednesday, May 23 - Fun Day and 2:05 dismissal





Spelling: Words for the week of May 14

  1. vandalism
  2. bicycle
  3. prone
  4. obvious
  5. heroic
  6. commotion
  7. criminal
  8. fabulous
  9. octopus
  10. media
  11. torment
  12. antenna
  13. juvenile
  14. shovel
  15. burrow
  16. foolish
  17. coconut
  18. photographer
  19. stepbrother
  20. perky



 Reading/Language Arts - For the month of May we will be reading a novel together in class. We will be reading Hoot by Carl Hiassen. Students will be completing all homework activities in their Hoot journal. Our spelling words and reading assignments for the next three weeks will all be taken from this novel.  Spelling words will be introduced on Monday and 3X each will be due on Tuesday, the Spelling Test will be on Friday. 

Math -   This week we will be working on finding the volume of a figure. Our math goal for this week is 82%.

Social Studies/Science -  We are learning about the Holocaust in Social Studies. In Science we will be learning about space.