Mrs. Burk








Important dates/Reminders:


Wed, Dec 20=2:05 Dismissal

CHRISTMAS Break Dec 21 - Jan 2







Helping Verb Quiz on Monday, December 11th


The Helping Verb Song

(sing to the tune of “Jingle Bells”)


 Helping Verbs!  Helping Verbs!  There are 23....

Am, is are!  Was and were!  Being, been, and be!

Have, has, had!  Do, does, did!  Shall, should, will, and would!

There are 5 more helping verbs:  may, might, must, can, and could! 




Please send in any Box Tops you come across.  The school collects these to earn money to benefit the students!



We are also collecting pop tabs for the Ronald McDonald House Charities!  Classes can win a school competition!




Reading~  We will be reading a literary nonfiction story about the fire that destroyed most of the city of Chicago in 1871.  We will also do a reader's theatre about Sylvia Mendez and the civil rights movement.   


Language Arts~Spelling test 16 and fix it quiz 16 will be on Friday!  We will be finishing our persuasive papers this week.  


Lesson 16 Spelling Words


1.confident-feeling certain, sure of self

2.confidence-a feeling of assurance or trust

3.fragrant-having a pleasant smell

4.fragrance-a pleasant smell or odor

5.excellent-of outstanding or superior quality

6.excellence-quality of outstanding merit

7.decent-respectable, adequate, fair

8.decency-moral correctness or kindness, modest behavior

9.truant-one who is absent without permission

10.truancy-staying away from school without good reason

11.brilliant-full of intense light or color

12.brilliance-the shine or sparkle an object gives off

13.resident-someone who lives in a place

14.residence-a place for living

15.evident-clear or plain to see

16.evidence-facts or information that make you believe that something is true

17.occupant-someone who lives permanently in a place

18.occupancy-duration of residency

19.reluctant-lacking eagerness or enthusiasm

20.reluctance-unwillingness to do something

Challenge Words:

21.inconvenient-causing difficulty or discomfort

22.inconvenience-something that causes trouble or frustration

23.buoyant-rising above a denser liquid or gas; able to float

24.buoyancy-the quality that allows an object to float




Social Studies: We will be learning about the history of early humans.