Mrs. Drollinger

                           *** It's GREAT to be a First Grader at FGS! *** 


First Grade is an exciting adventure!  Your child will bring home a “take-home folder” every school day.  Please take time to look over your child’s papers when he/she brings them home in the afternoon.  Look at them with a positive attitude.  This is very important to your child.  Please keep graded papers cleaned out of the “to keep” side of the folder.  The “return to school” side will be filled with communication from me, the school, homework, or miscellaneous information.  There is also a parent/teacher communication sheet that will remain stapled in their folder.  This is for communication directly between you and me.  Please feel free to write any notes, questions, or concerns on this sheet. 



I also encourage you to call or email with any questions or concerns regarding your student at any time throughout the school year. I look forward to a great year working with your child!





Mrs. Drollinger




                              Special Upcoming Events!


Monday, March 13 - End of 3rd Quarter

Wednesday, March 15 - Report Cards are Available

Friday, March 17 - St. Patrick's Day! 11:30 dismissal, School Improvement

Monday, March 20-Friday, March 24 - Spring Break!

Monday, March 27 - School Resumes


Wednesday, April 5 - Workout Wednesday, 2:05 Dismissal, Curriculum Development

Thursday, April 13 - 11:30 Dismissal, School Improvement

Friday, April 14 - No School

Wednesday, April 19 - 2:05 Dismissal, Curriculum Development

Thursday, April 27 - Field Trip to Gibson City Hospital


Wednesday, May 3 - 2:05 Dismissal, Curriculum Development

Thursday, May 11 - Field Trip to Scovil Zoo

Wednesday, May 17 - 2:05 Dismissal, Curriculum Development

Wednesday, May 24 - End of 4th Quarter





                Materials Needed for 1st Grade 2016-2017

Print your child’s name on the following items using a fine point permanent marker: (including each pencil, marker and crayon.)

            - Large Backpack (No Wheels)

            - Two small school supply boxes with lids. (approx 8"x5")

            - One box of 24 count crayola crayons

            - One box 10 count crayola classic colors broadline washable watercolor markers

            - One box 10 count crayola classic colors fineline washable watercolor markers

            - One package of 12 number 2 pencils, regular size

            - 2 Big pink erasers

            - 2 pairs pointed Fiskars brand scissors

            - 2 blue Mead trapper folders with side verticle pockets.  (No plastic folders)

            - 1- 100 sheet count wide ruled composition bound notebook paper (black and white cover)

            - 2 broad tip yellow highlighters

            - 1 inexpensive clipboard

            - 2 black expo brand dry erase markers

            - 1 old tshirt for Art class

            - Gym shoes to be kept at school

            - Complete change of clothes in a gallon sized ziplock bag with child's name on it.  This will be kept in the child's locker for emergencies.


No names on following items

            - 4 big elmer's glue sticks

            - Plain 2- pocket folders.  One of each color - Red, Yellow

            - Plain 2-pocket folders. Two fo each color - Blue, Orange (No prongs in the middle or plastic folders)

            - One large box of kleenex

            - 2 white three ring binders, one inch sized

            - Boys only - One container of clorox wipes

            - Girls only - One container wet wipes

           - Students with last names beginning with 

                       * A-D - One box gallon sized ziplock bags. No freezer bags.

                       * E-H - One box of sandwhich sized ziplock bags. No freezer bags.

                       * I-M - One box of quart sized ziplock bags. No freezer bags. 

                       * N-S - 100 pack of napkins

                       * T-Z - One box of 5 oz dixie cups


*Spelling Book to be used in class MUST BE purchased on FGS registration.  Children should have supplies at school on the first day.  Some items may need to be replaced during the school year. 





                                                           First Grade Academics




           Photos of the 2016-2017 First Grade School Year!


                Miniature Horses!





                                                                                     Square Dancing!    
























                                                                    Rodeo Round-Up!

                                            Making rodeo memories in the heat! Yeeha!!





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