Mrs. Drollinger

                           *** It's GREAT to be a Second Grader at FGS! *** 


Second Grade is an exciting adventure!  Your child will bring home a “take-home binder” and assignment book every school day.  Please take time to look over your child’s papers when he/she brings them home in the afternoon.  Look at them with a positive attitude.  This is very important to your child.  Please keep graded papers cleaned out of the “to keep” side of the folder.  The “return to school” side will be filled with communication from me, the school, homework, or miscellaneous information.  Please feel free to send in any hand written notes, questions, or concerns with this binder. 



I also encourage you to call or email with any questions or concerns regarding your student at any time throughout the school year. I look forward to a great year working with your child!





Mrs. Drollinger



                             Be Respectful      Be Responsible        Be Ready






                              Special Upcoming Events!


Tuesday, April 3 - School Resumes

Friday, April 13 - 11:30 Dismissal, School Improvement Day

Wednesday, April 18 - 2:05 Dismissal, Curriculum Development

Thursday, April 19 - Book Order Due


Friday, May 4 - Cinco de Mayo Celebration!

Wednesday, May 9 - 2:05 Dismissal, Curriculum Development

Tuesday, May 15 - 2nd Grade Field Trip

Wednesday, May 16 - Bunny Hop

Wednesday, May 23 - Students' Last Day!

Thursday, May 24 - Teacher's Institute Day, No Students





              Second Grade Memories in the Making!








                               Second Grade Academics

Reading - Second grade utilizes the Journeys Reading Curriculum.  Each week the students will read an Anchor Text.  This text will connect with the reading and writing skill that we are focusing on that week.  The students will bring home a "Parent Letter" every Monday.  This letter also outlines the anchor text and skills we'll be teaching that week.  Please take a moment to review this worksheet with your student.  Your interest will build their excitement with the upcoming material.  


Spelling - Pre-tests will be given every Monday.  Students who earn a 100% on their pre-test will be given a "Challenge List" to study for their test on Friday.  The remaining students will take their final Spelling tests on Friday as well, with the original list.  Your students list words will come home on Monday afternoon.  Please practice these spelling words with your student.  Practice will build their confidence!


Math - Go Math! 

         August/September: Ch. 1 & 2

                         - Work with equal groups of objects to gain foundations for multiplication.

                         - Understand place value.

                         - Use place value understanding and properties of operations to add and subtract. 

              October: Ch. 3 & 4

                         - Add and subtract to 20. 

                         - Represent and solve problems involving addition and subtraction. 

                         - Work with equal groups of objects to gain foundations for multiplication. 

              November: Ch. 4 & 5

                         - Use place value understanding and properties of operations to add and subtract. 

              December: Ch. 6

                         - Use place value understanding and properties to add and subtract. 

              January: Ch. 6 & 7

                         - Work with time and money. 

              February: Ch. 8 & 9

                         - Measure and estimate lengths in standard units.

                         - Relate addition and subtraction to length. 

                         - Measure and estimate lengths in standard units.

                         - Represent and interpret data. 

              March: Ch. 9

                         - Measure and estimate in standard units. 

              April: Ch. 10

                         - Represent and interpret data.

              May: Ch. 11

                         - Reason with shapes and their attributes. 


Science & Social Studies - In second grade the students will have many hands on learning experiences pertaining to several science and social studies topics!  Hands on learning is fun! 

        September: Author's Work Habits; Animal Friends; Three Kind of Communities; Good Citizens

        October: Spooky Critters; Fire Safety; Explorers/Maps; Pumpkins

        November/December: The Pilgrims; Veteran's Day; Winter Holidays

        January: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.; Polar Animals; New Year's Around the World

        February: Black History Month; American Symbols; Presidents' Day; Dental Health

        March: Dr. Seuss; Weather Science; Amazing Kids; Egg Animals

        April: Earth Day; Plants; Insects

        May: Ocean and Shore; Summer; America the Beautiful





Specials Schedule - 

         Monday:        12:30-1:00 Library

           Tuesday:        10:10-10:40 Music

                                    12:30-1:00 Computer Lab

            Wednesday:    8:20-8:50 P.E.

                                    10:10-10:40 Art

            Thursday: 10:10-10:40 Library 

                                    12:00-12:30 Computer Lab

            Friday:            8:50-9:20  P.E.

                                      1:15-1:45 Music




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