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Batter Up Third-Graders!

Welcome to Third Grade in Mr. Palmer's classroom, where we come to school eager and excited to learn every day! Third grade is an important year for students, as we begin taking some of the basic skills they have learned in previous grades and start to build onto more complex ideas and concepts. Attendance on a daily basis will be key moving throughout the school year. Students with great attendance have fewer gaps in knowledge and understanding of the concepts being taught on a day-to-day basis. We look forward to having a great year with lots of fun, excitement, and learning!





Reading will be a crucial part of our curriculum throughout the year. Although we will be reading many novels and texts in class, reading outside of school will be very important. Each month, students will have an

Accelerated Reader point goal that they will be expected to reach. The goals are based on their individualized reading level and my specific expectations for each student. Students will be given time during each day to independently read, as I believe this time is vital in developing children who possess fluency, decoding, and comprehension skills. Students are expected to read each evening for 20 MINUTES. 


If you have any questions as to whether or not a book is on AR, you can visit AR Book Finder to find out if there is a test available, the book level, and point value.




With the shift to Common Core Standards, math is more important than ever. Our students will be introduced to many new concepts throughout the year, such as multiplication, division, fractions, and analyzing two-dimensional figures. Math is a challenge because many of the skills we will be learning about require prerequisite skills that were learned earlier in the year or in previous years of schooling. To achieve proficiency third-grade mathematical skills, students must consistently attempt to maintain the pace and master the concepts of daily and weekly lessons. This is also the first year, in which students will be exposed to Accelerated Math, which like AR, is supported by Renaissance Learning. Accelerated Math (AM), allows students to work at their own pace through the school year, striving to achieve a set amount of goals each quarterly marking period.







Math Links:

Xtra Math Facts - Students will need my email:  and their PIN #:


Math Playground - Full of interactive games and activities on a variety of math topics, ranging from facts to story problems.



Social Studies Links

Studies Weekly Online - Get online access to our Studies Weekly magazine with read-alouds and quizzes available. Students log-in is identical to their Renaissance Place (AR) id, excluding any numbers in the log-in.


Science Links

Sheppard Software - Loaded with interactive science games and activities. This website is a great way to learn new concepts or reinforce key ideas that are being learned in class.



Contact Information


Phone: (217) 897-1133 ext. 812