Owl Pellets

2017-09-08 14:45:56

by Jim Moxley

Mrs. Remington's 5th Grade class spent time disecting "Owl Pellets."  That's right, our students sorted through the regurgitated remains of an owl's meal which usually consists of mice and other rodents.  The kids had a great time pulling out the various bones of the dead animals to compare to the rodent chart.  They could actually piece together the skeletale remains of some animals. 

Students studied owls and found them to be fasinating birds.  They discovered many facts that they had never known before taking on this project.  Each student put together a little report to share with visitors who came to their classroom.  School Administrators, Barb Thompson, Jim Moxley and Jake Palmer were invited to the classroom to listen to the student presentations.  They were very impressed with all they had learned.


5th Grade Students identify bones according to the rodent chart.


Assistant Principal, Jake Palmer looks through a magnifying glass at rodent remains.