Marla Peavler

3rd Grade

Mrs. Peavler is from Bourbonnais, IL.  She earned a Bachelor's Degree from Illinois State University, where she majored in Early Childhood Education, with a minor in Psychology.    Mrs. Peavler has taught for 22 years, with 17 of those in Fisher.  Marla is a member of the P.I.E. committee and has served as a mentor to new teachers in the district. She has previously served on the Climate Committee and the Curriculum Committee, where she planned many, many celebrations for the members of our staff who retire each year.


Mrs. Peavler says, "I love to read! If I finish a book and it seemed too short, I know it’s a good one! My favorite author is David Sedaris. I enjoy riding my bike Bluebell and relaxing in the sunshine. If a movie is a winner at the Sundance Film Festival, chances are I’ll like it. If I were stranded on an island, I’d hope it was inhabited by lots of friendly dogs to keep me company. I volunteer at 10 Thousand Villages, Eastern Illinois Foodbank, and The Humane Society. I feel like a happy smile is contagious, especially if it comes from one of my students!"