Mrs. Turek


Welcome to Kindergarten!



Mrs. Hilary Turek

School Phone Number: (217) 897-1133

Email Address:




Thank you for sharing your child with me this year! We will

have an exciting school year filled with love, laughter, and

most importantly-LEARNING! Our curriculum will expose

your child to a wide variety of activities and experiences

which will provide opportunities for social and academic




About Mrs. Turek



This will be my sixth year teaching and my second teaching Kindergarten at FGS. Prior to coming to Fisher, I was a Pre-Kindergarten teacher for the Decatur Public Schools. I graduated from Illinois State University with my degree in Early Childhood Education, and recently completed my Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Instruction.

My husband and I currently live in Mahomet with our dog, Sam. We are expecting a baby boy in November. In my free time I enjoy cooking, reading, and spending time with my family!



Parent Communication



Please feel free to contact me at any time with questions or concerns. I am available via email, notes to school, a phone call, or face to face meeting. Please know, I want the relationship between home and school to be strong, and we are all in this together! I will also use the following ways to facilitate communication between home and school:


Daily folder-Your child will take home their “Home and

School Communication Folder” each day. There will be space
in this folder for you and I to write notes to one another

if necessary.

Class Dojo-This is an online tool that you can use to see
the great choices your child made throughout the day!
There is also a messaging service available through this

that you can use to contact me as well.

Monthly Newsletter and Calendar- These will go home at

the beginning of each month.

Teacher Ease- I use email frequently! Please make sure

your email in Teacher Ease is updated, and notify the office of any changes. 



Our Daily Schedule



Upon arrival at school your child should go to the gym until the first bell at 8:05.  There will be a teacher helping with supervision at this time. Please do not bring your child sooner than 8:00 A.M., but no later than 8:10 A.M. This will allow your child enough time to get to the classroom and complete their morning routine.

8:05-8:15: First bell at 8:05 and children are dismissed to classroom. They will complete their morning routine at this point. The rest of the morning will consist of morning meeting, reading workshop/stations, phonics work, recess, and any specials that we may have.

10:55-11:35: Lunch and Recess

11:35-2:55: Our afternoon will include quiet time, math workshop/stations, more reading work, science, social studies, recess, RtI (Response to Intervention) time, and any specials that we may have.

2:55: Dismissal-Kindergarten dismisses early. If you are picking up your child, please wait by the school office.


5 days/week: P.E.

2 days/week: Music and Library

1 day/week: Creative Endeavors, Computers, Guidance Counselor Lesson



School Expectations



Fisher Grade School has a school wide set of expectations known as the 3 R’s. The 3 R’s are: Be Respectful, Be Responsible, and Be Ready. These rules are enforced throughout the school and help provide the students with clear, consistent, and positive behavior guidelines.

Mr. Moxley rewards students for good behaviors with Good News Notes. The students love going to see the Principal with a Good News Note, and Mr. Moxley enjoys giving the kids a “pat on the back” for their great behavior, along with a little treat. We try our hardest to earn our Good News Notes! J

If a student is having difficultly following the 3 R’s, they may be sent to Mr. Moxley with a Discipline Referral (DR). You will be notified if this occurs.




Classroom Expectations



In addition to the 3 R’s, we also have our own set of classroom expectations. In our classroom, students are expected to:


Be Kind

Be a Friend

Be safe

Do their best work

Take care of their classroom and school

We review our classroom expectations each day during our Morning Meeting, and discuss them a lot at the beginning of the school year. 



Classroom Management



I use positive reinforcement and praise in my classroom with the help of Class
Dojo. Positive choices will be
rewarded with Good News Notes and trips to the classroom treasure box.
If a student is frequently having difficulties in the classroom, there will be a

set of consequences. They include:

• 1st time: Verbal warning and redirection from me

• 2nd time: Time Out

• 3rd time: Loss of privilege (5 minutes of recess or Free Choice time to

review expectations) (Note home when this occurs)
• 4th time: Visit with Mr. Moxley and immediate parent contact

If a child is demonstrating behavior that could be harmful to themselves or
others in the learning environment additional steps will be taken.



At Home Activities! 




    Hatch and Match  








These are the sight words we will be learning this year! Please practice these as much as possible at home. 




Unit 1






Unit 2






Unit 3

come, me

with, my

you, what

are, now


Unit 4

is, of, so, where, many, how

find, from, this, came, but, on

will, be, into, that, your, who

go, for, here, they, soon, up



Unit 5

make, play, them, say, give, new

said, good, was, ate, then, could

she, when, all, her, over, some

he, no, away, by, most, there


Unit 6

do, down, went, little, just, only

have, help, one, every, ask, walk

look, saw, very, put, their, out

off, take, our, too, day, show





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