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This year in reading we will be learning about main ideas, sequencing, characters, and setting.  The children will be learning new vocabulary words and focussing on looking for details.  We will also be reading non fiction books.  Reading 20 minutes a night is very helpful.  Book it can also be included with this reading.  Please continue reading for AR every night and take at least 2 or 3 tests a week.  I will be passing out Bug Bucks every Friday!


Grammer and Writing:

We are learning about subjects, predicates, nouns and verbs in sentences.  We are learning how to write complete sentences and punctuation marks.  We will soon be learning how to write paragraphs.



Each week we will be focussing on a phonics rule.  Please study spelling words throughout the week.  We will have a spelling test every Friday.



We have a new math series:  Go Math!  We will be concentrating on the Common Core.  The first 2 chapters are focussing on learning how to read and write numbers to 1000.  We are also working on our addition facts with Rocket math.  We have 1 1/2 minutes timed tests.   Our goal is to master all the addition and subtraction facts to 18 by the end of the year!


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Websites for Second Grade:


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