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"Reading gives us someplace to go

when we have to stay where we are."

- Mason Cooley



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Tips for reading success:


1. Read regularly with your child.

2. Take turns choosing books.

3. Let your child participate by letting him/her turn the pages or fill in words he/she knows. 

4. Be playful. Use different voices for different characters.



While reading, your child may get stuck on a word. Here are some strategies you can have your child try:


*Look for little words in big words.

*Look for key words or picture clues.

*Look and listen for letter patterns.

*Ask them if it makes sense.

*Ask them if it sounds right.

*Backtrack. Read it again.

*Say the beginning sound and read the rest of the sentence.

*Skip it and go on.



Tired of practicing letters and sight words the same way? Here are several fun ways to practice!


1. Play-Doh: Roll the play-doh up like a snake and have your child make the letter or word you say. Trace over it three times saying the letter(s). 

2. Sand: Place sand on a paper plate and have your child write the letter or word you say in the sand. Trace over it three times saying the letter(s).

3. White Board: Have your child write the letter or word you say on a whiteboard three times.

4. Sidewalk Chalk: Have your child write the letter or word you say on the sidewalk using chalk.

5. Cloudy Letters: Have your child write a letter or word on a piece of paper. Glue cotton balls on top of the letter(s). Trace the letter or word three times.





Reading Websites


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Sight Word Practice

The following website has flashcards you can print off to use for sight word practice:




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Wheel of Fortune: